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Landscaping Services

GPF provides landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. Whether it be small projects around the house to total installations on new construction, or a restoration of tired landscapes. We also provide outdoor lighting and irrigation services. We are committed to providing beautiful and professional landscapes that you are satisfied with.

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Grounds Maintenance Program

To keep your lawn healthy and looking great, a professional lawn care program is essential.  Our maintenance services includes bush cutting, mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, fertilizing, pest control, weeding, and spraying of herbicide.

Green Wall Installation

Living green walls make a breathtaking statement!  Transform any unsightly walls into attractive green spaces.


Plant Rentals

We provide plant rentals for offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, and even one-time rentals for graduation ceremonies, and conventions.  Our plant rental program includes watering, cleaning, fertilizing, removal of spent foliage, pruning to maintain shape, control of insects, as well as replacing plants to ensure your indoor plant hire is beautifully presented at all times.

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